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About Jackass Honey Farms


When Jodi and James first started talking, it was James who had been entertaining a passion for bees for years. With a little reservation, having gotten his share of mixed reactions in the past, he told Jodi about his fascination with bees. Being the supportive gal she is, Jodi thought she should at least look into this bee thing. 


Bees rescued from swarm removals are re-homed on the McCumber farm where they're cared for alongside their prized blue heelers, Whiskey and Bandit and Honey.


The McCumbers perform swarm removals as a public service, hold beekeeping classes, and manage bee farms for property owners to help spread the movement.   

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In a matter of days, she'd read multiple books on the subject and was blown away by the life of a bee. By their culture. By their honey-making abilities. By their highly imperative, yet precarious, position in the food chain. She was enthralled. Something struck a chord. 


In 2014, Jodi surprised James with the beginnings of a business plan and the rest is history. They turned a shared passion into a business that continues to grow. 

Jodi has since been coined, "The Queen Whisperer" for her ability to find the Queen in any hive—control the queen and you control the hive.

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