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zip file. List of games References See also FBA (XBOX 360) FBA (Playstation 2) FBA (Wii) MAME (NEOGEO) Category:Xbox 360 games Category:PlayStation 2 games Category:Arcade games Category:Nintendo 64 games Category:Nintendo Entertainment System games Category:Fangames Category:Video game development software Category:Video game franchises Category:Nintendo Entertainment System-only games Category:PlayStation 2 gamesThere are many reasons why we are here. Many have come to the conclusion that all life must be preserved, and all life is sacred. We agree, we cannot condone the killing of human life. Yet, we are aware that man must do what he must do to survive, to protect his children. One of the best books I have read in years deals with the dichotomy of man and nature. Thomas Berry reminds us that all life has a “mysterious affinity for one another”. The world needs man to protect and nurture the earth. If man is not allowed to protect and to nurture, then nature has a long road to recovery. We have found a second solution: if you are able to play a major role in the local food system, you can help. There are several organizations in the world now that provide farm- to-table, local food programs. They must have the financial resources to do their work. What we can offer is a much needed structure of support. Another benefit of our farm is the local food incubator. Through this incubator, we teach students from grade school to high school how to grow food and about the importance of local food. There are currently classes that meet here on Saturdays, at the summer farm, at the winter farm and in the spring and fall on FITSP:Farm-Integrated Teaching/Scholarship Programs. We have summer youth workers who can help teach others about the importance of our food system. We need funds to build up the winter farm. We have water well and we have an irrigation well, so we do not need much more. We need a concrete slab, pipe fencing and a second chicken house. We have been asked to donate $20,000 to the city. We need your help. Together, with the help of others, we can change our community and our world.




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