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Why our Swarm Removals are a Public Service

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

We perform swarm removals within 48 hours of getting a call. Why? Because bees in swarms can be a public health hazard, particularly for someone allergic to their sting. Our instinct is to protect ourselves and our families, and when faced with a perceived threat, many people often turn to poisons and pesticides to kill or ward off honey bees.

A sight like this, could cause someone to panic. Don't panic. And definitely don't spray the swarm. You'll irritate the bees, possibly causing them to become aggressive, and we'll be forced to place them in quarantine.

Call Jackass Honey Farms for Swarm Removals Instead

If you see a swarm on your property just give us a call and we'll ask that you send us a quick picture to assess whether it is in fact a swarm or a hive situation.

Save Your Wallet, Save the Planet

  • Exterminators cost money

  • Hospital bills cost money

  • We will come to your property and remove the bees cheaper than an exterminator and definitely cheaper than a hospital bill. Then, we'll take your bees to our farm to be re-homed where they can continue their good work.

Call Jodi or James at 512-484-1101 to have a bee swarm removed from your property.

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